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Frequent asked questions

Account information:

Why should I open an account with Berelijn
When you open an account with Berelijn you do not have to fill in all your address and shipping details, the next time you buy something at the site at Berelijn. You also can track previous purchases and keept track of your order.

How do I make an account:
You can create an account by clicking in the my account button on top of every page.
Then go to create an account and and than fill in the required fields, or just click here to go to the page create an account.
You also can registrate during the order process.

Password forgotten:
When you forgot your password, you can retrieve it by clicking on forgot your password on the log in page. You will then be redirected to the page forgot your pasword.(you also can click here)
Here you have to fill in your emailaddress. You will receive a link by email to reset your pasword.

Buying online, without an account:
You also can shop at Berelijn without creating an account. 
When you are done shopping click on log in as guest.
Ofcoarse you still have to give us the shipping details, so we know where to ship the parcel.

Ordering at Berelijn:

Ordering at Berelijn:
Click through the pages of our shop and add to cart the items you want to buy.
You can see in your shopping basket, situated on the top left of the page, what you have choosen to buy.
When you are done shopping, just click on checkout near your basket and than you will get at the checkout pages.

Availability of items:
All items on the site of Berelijn are available for direct purchase and shipping, unless there is clearly stated diferently. 
When you want to be sure feel free to phone us on *31786318028 or email us on

When you order an itme, but do not pay, we will keep the order aside for 2 weeks.
After that we will resell the items in your order. 

Problems with ordering online:
There is a possibility that the online ordering does not work perfectly, due to the use of different browsers.
Please let us know, so we can work that out and help you with the order process.
You can reach us on *31786318028 or with an email on

Why does the item look different on my computer:
Mohair and all the other furs are dyed. Due to this fact they can differ. 
There also can be differences due to light condition by taking the pictures and different browsers and monitors.
This will never give you the right to cancel or return the item. 

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